Rajendra Prasad’s B-Grade comments went bad with netizens

Former chairman of Movie Artists Association, Rajendra Prasad has made some sensational comments on the drug accused members in the film industry.

Rajendra Prasad’s B-Grade comments
Rajendra Prasad’s B-Grade comments

Talking to the media, he declared that some accused names like Puri Jagannath, Ravi Teja, and others belong to Grade-A but not to the B and C grades to use Drugs. He claimed that only C-Grade fellows use drugs as they have no chances in the movies, they get addicted to drugs. Even though he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, some netizens are firing at this former comedy King for calling some actors as Grade-C class. They remind that a person like Rajendra Prasad who has a stature in the society shouldn’t categorize people into classes.

Meanwhile, the cases and notices are still haunting some accused names in the Telugu Film Industry. Some are thrashing these allegations, and some chose to remain calm.

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