Rajamouli’s Bahubali Poster copied from Hollywood movie ‘Simon Birch’?

Tollywood’s number one director SS Rajamouli released the much awaited movie Baahubali official first look poster on yesterday (May 1st, 2015) and the poster gets the great response from the fans and audience. Now the latest buzz making rounds that the poster copied from a Hollywood movie “Simon Birch” , which was released in 1998.

Baahubali and Simon Birch movie posters have the similar resemblances except few changes. In Bahubali poster a lady raising a kid with single hand in the middle of the river, in Simon Birch poster also the baby was seen raising with two hands by a man in the middle of the river. In Simon Birch poster baby has no clothes but in Baahubali poster baby has clothes. Except few minor differences both the posters looks same.

Bahubali Poster Copy From Simon Birch

Bahubali movie team went a step ahead and also copied the quotes from the movie, Simon Birch movie has the quote “Destiny has bigger plans for little Simon Birch” and director SS Rajamouli tweeted “He has to fulfill his destiny, come what may”.

Now this Baahubali Posters copy topic turns hot topic in web and social media. Earlier also we heard some rumors on Baahubali movie making video also copied from a Hollywood comic book. Have a look at this video. Now once again he copied the poster also.

We heard earlier that Kamal Hassan’s look for Uttama Villain also copied from a Hollywood movie.

Top directors and actors also copying from Hollywood movies. What do you say folks about this pakka copy act by top celebrities!!

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