Raghava Lawrence lashes out on Sri Reddy

Tollywood actress Sri Reddy created a stir in the industry with her allegations of sexual misconduct on some big names in the industry. After targeting Tollywood celebs for a few months, she changed her focus to Kollywood. On this note, actor and director Raghava Lawrence slammed Sri Reddy and asked why didn’t she raised the topic seven years ago. “Hi Friends and Fans..! it’s been 13 years since my trust started… because of your support it’s running successfully. thanks for your support and blessings. ” read Lawrence’s tweet.

RaghavaLawrence and Sri Reddy
RaghavaLawrence and Sri Reddy

“I want to clarify about Sri reddy issue. This issue is not a big thing for me and I didn’t worry about it but all press people are calling me and asking for clarification so i think it’s time for me to clarify it to everyone. Sri reddy has told that she meet me during the making of Telugu rebel movie it’s already been 7 years since I did rebel movie then why didn’t she report this 7 years back itself ? Okay leave that. she told that she came to my hotel room and I misused her. She also stated that she saw god’s photos and Rudrakshamala in my room. .. I am not a fool to keep Rudraksha mala at hotels and do Pooja” said Lawrence in his tweet. He further added that he will do give some dance steps and simple dialogues and said if Sri Reddy enacted them well, he is ready to give her a chance in his movies.

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