Radhika Apte Asked to Sleep with Hero

Bold actress Radhika Apte, who has been in headlines for the past one month after her nude scenes from her then-unreleased Hindi film ‘Parched’ leaked online, has now once again hit headlines by making some sensational revelations about her casting couch experience.

Radhika Apte To Sleep With a south hero
Radhika Apte To Sleep With a south hero

Radhika said that a South Hero once verbally abused her, but she also taught him a lesson and shut him up. ‘This senior South Hero used to call me on the phone and say vulgar words before I shut him in my style. In another instance, I was asked by a Bollywood producer to go into the bedroom of a noted hero. I had a continuous laugh before I shouted at him, ‘Go to Hell,’’ the talented actress added.

As Radhika Apte has acted in just a handful of South films, discussions have started about that senior South Hero.

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