Racha Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)


It is

One of the most wasteful ways of spending money, unless one is trying to get rid of some unaccounted cash.


Ram Charan (Betting Raju) jumps from one moving train to another to justify all the flashy graphics that follow to mark his ENTRANCE (for those of you who don’t have a problem with that, you already know the plot).

The film’s starts in a village where all the clichés one hopes for in a ‘commercial’ film are duly met and there’s a huge explosion and everyone dies, except for the young Cherry/Raju. He grows up to be the commercial hero we all expect. He’s penniless with branded clothes and sidekicks whose only duty is to make him feel better about himself (praise his looks, provide the necessary build up, get slapped for no reason and look like the poor people they are supposed to be, so that Cherry can do them a favor by playing the poor, mass, well groomed hero).

Clichés – clichés – clichés – some dude who once lost a bet to Raju challenges him to win the love of the super rich heroine within 30 days and Raju needs the money to save his drunken dad. He takes up the challenge and by the end of it learns of his commercial hero flashback and there are songs in between. And also there’s this scene where the heroine is awed by the waterfalls, my favorite scene.

“Commercial Racha”

That is what Cherry babu termed this film as. What he meant by that is “we will spend a lot of money on a script which is absolute trash and give you a film which you will not enjoy in all probability, but, make sure the film’s a success since I’m my father’s son. Isn’t that why you come to watch me?”


It’s kind of odd to talk of anyone but the hero in our films. Politely put “Ram Charan needs to…what I meant was…acting classes may be…not that it’s gonna help…but ummmmm…some kind of…he needs some counseling may be…”


I had fun at the start when the people scream their guts out for these commercial films, for no reason almost. Otherwise, I don’t remember much. This is one of those commercial films by morons for morons (politely put).

Reviewed by Rohit
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