Race 3 Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Movie Name Race 3
Movie Rating 3.5/5
Movie Cast Salman Khan,Jacqueline Fernandez,Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Anil Kapoor
Director Remo D’Souza
Music Director Vishal Mishra, Meet Bros, Salim–Sulaiman
Production Company Ramesh Taurani, Salma Khan
Release Date June 15, 2018

The choreographer turned director who got inspired by Step-up series for his dance-based films has come forward to direct the third installment of a franchise that already sucked in its second installment. Remo D Souza directs Race 3 which belongs to Abbas Mustan brand, who themselves couldn’t crack Race 2. By now, we would have understood that RACE and lavish cars, beach bodies, ripped abs, spotless faces and complex action sequences are inseparable. Whether the story and the actors pack a punch is what makes a difference. Unsurprisingly, the third installment lacks the punch, thanks to the trailer which prepared us for a disastrous film.

Race3 Movie Team
Race3 Movie Team

Race 3 is a completely new story(?). Ok, to be clear, it is not a continuation of earlier films. This story is about a family. Shamsher (Anil Kapoor) is the father of Salman Khan(ahem ahem) who is playing Sikander, and his other children are played by Daisy Shah and Saqib Saleem. Bobby Deol plays a khaasaadmi to Shamsher. The movie in fancy terms is all about power, money betrayal and greed, all in slow-motion.

Let’s talk about the good part of the film first. Well, it’s only the production values and ‘some’ of the action sequences that entice. The story of the film hardly packs any punch. There are apparently many twists and turns but none of them really impress you. The screenplay is horrendous, especially given the budget of the film. As the movie keeps progressing, the blood pressure keeps going high and the patience keeps going low. The dialogues are so annoying that you want to keep a popcorn each in your ears. Some scenes are so unintentionally funny that sometimes you wonder, are they making a spoof? The characters were poorly written too. To make it worse, the people who picked the characters acted more pathetically. Bhai this time has a competition for his bad acting and that’s Bobby Deol who seemed utterly disinterested in the character. Probably, he might be thinking, ‘I was a lead in Abbas Mustan’ films and now I am getting to play an “important character”’. Bhai as usual shows off his body and so does Bobby Deol.These two not only literally fight in the movie, but also fight for who will screw the movie- me or you. Then comes the ladies and Saqib Saleem. They were troublesome to the viewers to say the least. Be it their dialogues or their twister scenes.

Anil Kapoor somehow manages to not murder his role, but is elegant. He was entertaining in his own way in Race 1,2. His charisma somewhat helped.

The music of the film didn’t gather any appreciation like in the earlier installments. Cinematography is very good , definitely full marks to it. The graphics team could have done a better job at certain places.

Despite the lavish production, abysmal script and miserable direction makes Race 3 a terrible watch.

A movie meant for Bhai fans intellect-wise, nonetheless.

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