Salman Khan

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Born: 27 December 1965 (age 54)

Tamannaah Bhatia (born 21 December 1989) is an Indian actress, who predominantly appears in Telugu and Tamil films. She has also appeared in a few Hindi films.

All about Salman Khan

Salman Khan

The whole nation’s beloved, Salman Khan, also known as Dabangg Khan needs no introduction. Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan, better known as Salman Khan is a household name in India today. He is one of the most influential persons that Bollywood has. He is also ranked 7th in the first global list of Forbes highest paid actors list. He has been one of the most bankable actors in the industry and the highest grossing actor as well. Salman khan has tasted success as an actor, producer, television personality and also as a model. Lately, he has also been able to show his talent as a singer. Apart from his acting career, Salman Khan is also an active stage performer and a humanitarian.Being a philanthropist that he is, his love for the mankind has been very evident in his charity works and organizations like Being Human. He is also one of the controversial actors in Bollywood, professionally, personally and legally.

Family and Background

Salman Khan was born as Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan to his parents, Salim Khan and Sushila Charak (who later was known to be Salma Khan) on the 27th of December, 1965. He believes in both Hinduism and Islam. He was born in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in India. He has been active since 1988 when he first debuted with a supporting role in the film “Biwi Ho Toh Aisi”. He has been ruling our hearts since then, going stronger by each film, each year, only to rule our hearts for longer.

Salman has always maintained that he is half-Muslim and half-Hindu as his father Salim Khan is a Muslim while his mother Sushila Charak is a Maharashtrian Rajput. Salman spent his childhood in Gwalior and did his schoolingat The Scindia School, Gwalior before his father decided to move to Mumbai. Salman then happened to join St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra and his brothers Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan followed. Salman has two sisters Alvira Khan and Arpita Khan. They are a big happy family and stand by each other.

Salim Khan

His father, Salim Khan is a well-known veteran Indian actor and screenwriter in the Hindi film industry. He is best known as the prolific screenwriting duo of Salim Khan – Javed Akhtar, where both of them created magic in the Hindi Cinema with their talented screenwriting. Together, they penned some amazing movies of the film industry. The iconic film Deewar is highly acclaimed for the duo’s writing.He was born in Indore, modern Madhya Pradesh, during the British rule. In 1964, he married Sushila Charak, who later changed her name to Salma Khan. Salim and Salma Khan have four children, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and Alvira Khan, the eldest of who is Salman Khan. In 1981, Salim Khan married another veteran actor, Helen, with whom they adopted a baby girl, Arpita Khan.

Salman Khan and Salim Khan- The Father-Son Relationship

Salim Khan has always spoken about his immense love for his eldest son, Salman Khan. Salim Khan may have been able to pen the iconic dialogue for Amitabh Bachchan, which says “Mere paas maa hai”, but in real life, he is Salman’s ultimate benefactor or weapon. He has always stood by Salman Khan in his blacks and blues. Salim Khan always came to his rescue when Salman Khan put himself in trouble. Everytime he would fall into a controversy or give inappropriate tweets or go against the law, it would be his father who would bail him out in every situation. He has been able to show a lot of patience for the troubled person that Salman Khan has been. He sets some serious goals as a Father.

Salman Khan worships the ground that his father Salim Khan walks on. His rapport with his father has been one of the most amazing relationships ever. At 50, he still chooses to live with his huge family with his parents and maintains a good relationship with thefamily. Recently, Salman Khan celebrated his father’s 80th birthday and flew down to his father leaving all his professional commitments aside. He left no stone unturned to make his father feel on top of the world.

Sushila Charak

Sushila Charak was born to a Maharashtrian Rajput Family. After marrying Salim Khan, she converted to Islam and changed her maiden name to Salma Khan. Salim Khan then married a yesteryears’ actress Helen Jairag Richardson. Since then, Salma Khan and Helen Khan have been living a life of harmony in their house together, without any troubles. The two have always maintained acordial relationship and all their five children get the love of both their mothers as a happy family. Salma Khan has four children with Salim Khan, three sons and one daughter.

The Mother-Son Relationship, Salma and Salman

Salman undoubtedly is very close to his mother Salma Khan. His bond with his family, especially with his mother has been very evident. Even when he was convicted with the hit and run case, all that he was worried about was the ill health of his mother, Salma Khan. Even though the actor faced various ups and downs in the industry, especially in the year 2002, when all his films were bombing at the box office and his popularity was diminishing, Salma Khan stood solid as a rock to bolster him during the hardship. In one of the interviews, Salman elaborated his love for his mother saying “I have my mother’s eyes though I grew up on my mother’s nerves. My mother can actually handle anything. Her tolerance for pain is substantial.” He also added “Like her, I think I have that quality of standing up, laughing and then standing up with a broken leg. She once fell down a number of stairs and we all got extremely worried that mummy had fallen. But can you imagine, we ran down and saw her laughing”. He also went ahead and told once that he has no fear of losing his mother because, he believed that their family members are meant to be together some or the other way, no matter what, in every janam.

He might be one of the most fearless, bold and Dabanggactors in the industry but his love for his mother has proven that he is quite the mama’s boy at his heart.

Helen Jairag Richardson

After his first wife, Salim Khan married the superstar of yester India, Helen Jairag Richardson. Helen was born on 21st November 1938 in Burma, to an Anglo-Indian Father and a Burmese Mother. She got her break in 1958, aged 19 with the song “Meranaam chin chin chu” and went on to make more movies and tasted the success of the film industry. In 1981, she married Salim Khan and later adopted Arpita Khan as their daughter. She also received a Padma Shri, a civilian honor, in 2009 by the Indian Government.

Salman and Helen

In Bollywood, having a second family is quite common. But the kids from first marriage accepting the stepmother is quite commendable. Salman has always accepted Helen as one of his own and never resented her in any manner, although there was a little resistance in the starting. Salim Khan made a number of statements saying he has been lucky to have such harmony with both the ladies at home. He also said that the way his kids have accepted Helen as their step mother never fails to amaze him. Salim also said that even though like any normal family, they didn’t like it but eventually, Salman, like his mother, learned and realized that Helen was a good person and that she is pure at heart so he started accepting her as gracefully as he could. Salim said that despite the hostility, Salman understood that his father liked Helen, his mother liked Helen and eventually even he started liking her. Salim quoted that now, Salman would give his life for Helen. It was also interesting that Salim told in one of the interviews that whenever he buys anything for Salma, on occasions like mother’s day or any other event, he buys two of the same things, one for Salma and one for Helen. He feels gratified that the family is as thick as thieves and has accepted the family as their own.

Helen too has been immensely fond of Salman. She also happens to share a very strong bond with Salma Khan. She played Salman’s on-screen mother on “hum dil de chukeSanam” and had also played Salman’s mother in law on screen. Even though there was certain tension at home, in the beginning, Helen and Salman bonded well enough over the years. Now they share a very strong bond. Salma and Helen even walked the ramp with their three sons for Salman’s Being Human organization.

Arbaaz Khan

Arbaaz Khan is the second child of Salim Khan and Salma Khan and is the brother of Salman Khan. He was born on 4th August 1967 in Pune, Maharashtra in India. He has been successful as an actor, director, and producer. He has played many supporting and leading roles in films like Darar, Garv, and a few others. Arbaaz Khan also tasted success as a director for films like Dabangg 2. He also went on to become a successful producer for films like Dabangg, Dabangg 2, and Dolly ki Doli. He has also played negative roles in both Bollywood and Tollywood. He married Malaika Arora Khan, a model, in 1998 and have a son together, Arhaan Khan. Arbaaz Khan is a happily married family man.

Salman and Arbaaz Khan- The brothers’ relationship

Both Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan share a very strong relationship with each other. They have always stood by the ideals given to them by Salim Khan that nobody can break you if you stand united and that is exactly what their “Khan-Daan” has been doing.

Arbaaz has always stated that Salman Khan is very important to him. In the recent 50th bash of the Dabangg star, Arbaaz Khan stated that “He (Salman) is very precious to me…Our family is such that we are ready to die for each other. We are always together. Even if we lead our life individually and don’t interfere with each other’s personal life, but if there is a situation where we need each other, then we stand together”. Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan have shared the on-screen space for films like “Hello Brother” and Dabangg. In fact, Arbaaz Khan also directed Salman Khan in the film Dabangg 2 which went to become a blockbuster.

Arbaaz maintains that at work, both the brothers are highly professional individuals who have their own perspective on things. He says that there have been many occasions where they both fought to put points in front of each other and have that trust and respect for each other to give up on each other no matter what and says he never crosses his line with Salman Khan. Arbaaz says “He’s the best brother you could possibly have. He is always there for you, always caring, always loving. We share a great bond. There’s hardly an age difference between us but yet there’s a lot of respect. Though he’s older, he gives me a lot of respect. I never cross the line with him. We give each other space. In many ways, we’re similar and yet different.”

Arbaaz Khan shared with the media that his father would always compare Salman to him and would ask him why he was not as disciplined as Arbaaz Khan. “But now, all that doesn’t matter, Salman has achieved more success than me” is what he said in his interview. Salman Khan, in his interview in Aap Ki Adalat, revealed that he is protective of his brother Arbaaz. He said that they had some minor clashes on Dabangg 2 only because he wanted this film to be the biggest hit for Arbaaz and that it was only for the betterment of the film. He said that those clashes are what happen between every two brothers and that they were cool with each other. He also added that Dabangg 2 has broken the records of previous hits like Sholay, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, and others, and he wanted only his little brother Arbaaz to break these records. Salman said that “People think I am angry, but it’s Arbaaz who is ‘Bhadku’ and ‘Sadku’”. In all their interviews both the brothers have shown immense love and respect for each other.

Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan is the youngest brother of Salman Khan and the third son of Salma Khan and Salim Khan. He was born on 20th December 1969 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, in India. Being from the Bollywood family that he is, the film industry has weaved its magic even on Sohail. He started his tryst with the film industry as a film producer and director making his acting debut with the action thriller Auzaar which starred his brother Salman Khan and Sanjay Kapoor. He has been successful in films like Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya and Hello Brother. He also made his acting debut with Maine Dil Tujhko Diya. He starred alongside his brothers in various films. He married the famous fashion designer, Seema Sachdev Khan in the year 1998. He has two sons Nirvaan Khan and Yohaan Khan. Sohail is also a happily married family man who is extremely close to his huge family.

Salman and Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan has directed his brother Salman in films like Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya and Hello Brother, which did well at the box office. After a gap of nearly 12 years, he directed another film for him, Jai Ho, which did equally well at the box office. Sohail says that working with his brother has been comfortable for him and that Salman was very patient with Sohail. He says that Salman is much relaxed now than the previous films. He says that Salman never interferes with the work that Sohail does.

Salman says that Sohail has now become more mature and that he got more right, principally, ethically and emotionally. He also said that he is not the most patient man when it comes to watching a film. Salman praises Sohail for his work in Jai Ho. He says that Sohail is more relaxed as a director. Their love for each other has been very evident over the years. Sohail is extremely close to Salman. During the judgment day for the hit and run case, when the judgment came against Salman, Sohail was heartbroken and walked out in extreme despair.

Alvira Khan

Alvira Khan Agnihotri is the younger sister of the superstar. She was born on 13th December in India. She carved a niche for herself as a film producer and a successful costume designer. She designed costumes for her brother Salman Khan in several of his films. She is also the co-producer of the blockbuster hit Bodyguard along with her husband Atul Agnihotri who is a successful director and producer. She has two kids Alizeh Agnihotri and Ayaan Agnihotri. Recently, she has launched the designer label AHAKZAI in collaboration with the designer Ashley Robello which is a successful designer studio.

Salman and Alvira- the brother-sister bond

Salman Khan always shared a great bond with his sisters. Alvira Khan and Salman Khan share a very strong relationship and love each other immensely. Alvira Khan is extremely religious and visits the Golden Temple before every release of her brother Salman to pray for his success. While the whole court fiasco took place, it was Alvira Khan who took the whole responsibility and followed the whole proceedings attentively and used to be the first one to arrive at the court. She also said that she does this out of immense love for his brother and that she believes that he is innocent.

It has also been said on various occasions before that Salman goes an extra mile when it comes to his sisters. It was also in thenews lately that Salman Bhai gifted his sister Alvira a diamond bracelet worth 1 Crore. He pampers and showers his sisters with gifts and love is what Alvira said on many occasions.

Arpita Khan

The youngest and probably the most pampered child of the Khan household is Arpita Khan. She was adopted by Helen and Salim Khan and the most loved sister for the three brothers. She is currently working with the leading architecture and interior designing firm. She tied the knot on November 18th, 2014 with Aayush Sharma who is a successful businessman and an aspiring Actor. She would soon be launching her own fashion label which will be on par with international ones.

Salman and Arpita Khan

Arpita Khan is said to be very close to Salman Khan and shares a beautiful bond with him. She has always been the darling of the house and has been pampered by everyone in the house. Arpita Khan mentioned that even though Salman is busy most of the times, he is quite easy going with her. Even in her wedding speech, she told that she has been fortunate to have been in the Khan family. She said “I am the luckiest girl to be brought up in a family like mine. Sohail Bhaiand I shared the same room until he got married – he’s like a friend to me. Arbaaz that is like my guide, he always told me what’s good and what’s bad. Salman Bhai though has the biggest heart. For him, I can do no wrong. Everything I did, he was there to support me.”

Salman left no stones unturned to make sure his darling sister Arpita Khan has a beautiful fairytale wedding. He took the whole responsibility and did everything a brother would do. He took charge of the lavish wedding that took place in November, in Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. He made sure that everything about the wedding was perfect right from the arrangement to the guest list. It was one of the most lavish and most talked about weddings of the country. He shares a great equation with both his sisters.


Born as: Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan
Loved ones call him: Bhai, Bhaijaan, Sallu Bhai, Dabangg Khan, and Tiger Khan
Born on: December 27th, 1965
Age: 50
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Born in: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Residence: No. 3, Galaxy Apartments, BJ Road Band Stand, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050, India
Salman Khan Official Website:
Salman Khan Official Facebook Fan page:
Salman Khan Official Twitter Account:
Nationality: Indian
Religion: Hinduism & Islam
Occupation: Actor, Film Producer, Television Presenter, Model, Philanthropist and Singer
Manager: Reshma Shetty
Height: 5 ft 8.5 inches or 174 cm
Weight: 81 kgs or 179 pounds
Marital Status: Unmarried
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

Distinctive Feature:

Unique Dance Moves
Lucky Bracelet- Blue Feroza Stone Bracelet
Masculine Physique


Chest – 46 inches or 117 cm
Waist- 34 inches or 86 cm
Biceps- 17 inches or 43 cm
Neck- 11 inches or 28 cm
Shoe size- 10 (US) or 9 (UK)

Brand Endorsements

Tiger Biscuits
Dixcy Scott Innerwear
Thumbs Up
Revital Pills
Suzuki Hayate Motorcycle
Astral Pipes
Yatra website
PNG Jewellers
Image Eyewear
Mandhana Industries
Relaxo footwear
Splash Fashion

Favorite Accessories: Rolex Watches
Favorite Food: Biryani
Favorite Possession: Body Building Equipment
Favorite Gadgets: Home theater and Camera
Favorite Actor: Silvester Stallone
Favorite Fictional Character: Archie
Favorite Restaurant: China Garden
Favorite Drink: Ice Tea
Favorite Cars: Mercedes, BMW, Landcruiser
Peculiar Habit: Collecting Soaps
Can’t Live Without: Blue Torn Jeans and Rubber Slippers

Salman Khan and Bollywood

The most beloved heartthrob of Bollywood is undeniably Salman Khan. The Prem of Bollywood is one of the most successful actors that Bollywood ever got. His nature, his attitude, and his personality are loved by one and all and there would be very few people who would disagree. Coming from a well-known filmy family, Salman’s tryst with Bollywood has been evident. The fan following that he has earned in his life is something that many people only dream of. He one of the most bankable actor today who has given the industry a number of smashing hits that break his own records at the Box Office. His journey Salman to being Salman, a brand has been quite an ordeal for him. Let us walk down the memory lane and revisit his life.

Salman found out that interests always were in script writing just like his father who had achieved success. But, destiny had something else in store for him. As he was blessed with extremely good looks, he took up modeling as a career. After he tasted success in his modeling career, he decided to try his luck as an actor and that’s what got us our Bhai of Bollywood.

Salman always believed in standing up for himself and carving a niche for himself without the help of his father’s successful career. He never used his father’s influence to land in Bollywood. Whatever he is today, it is because of his hard work and his talent. He used to go for screen tests and auditions when one fine day, he was noticed and given a small role in the film “Biwi ho toh Aisi” which marked his Bollywood debut in the year 1988. Although he started his career as a supporting actor, he got his big break when Sooraj Barjatya offered to cast him as the lead in the hit flick “Maine Pyar Kiya” alongside Bhagyashree. This film went on to become one of the biggest hits of the industry that year and Salman earned fame and applause. He was then flooded with offers. Salman was extremely touched by the love and acceptance that he was getting from his fans and he even wrote all his fans a letter stating his gratitude for them.

His next film in Bollywood was Bhaagi: a Rebel for Love in 1990 which was scripted by Khan himself. After his blockbuster acting debut, he went ahead to give the industry many hit films like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Saajan, Karan Arjun, Biwi No. 1, Judwaa, Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Hum Aapke HainKaon until 2000. He then started to be known for his larger than life characters. He eventually got to be known as Prem of Bollywood as he was named Prem in most of his movies.

Although he was emerging as one of the most successful actors of his time, it was the film Tere Naam that gave him the recognition as an intense actor in 2003. This film is said to have marked Salman as one of the finest actors in the industry and gave him much appreciation and credit. Tere Naam also marked Khan’s fashion statement and he went on to become the fashion icon of the youth for his iconic hairstyle that he sported in the film. The hairstyle became a huge craze among people and Salman got immense popularity after this film. After this extremely successful stint, he went to deliver even bigger hits like Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, Partner, and No Entry until 2004.

However, he had his own ups and downs in the industry as well. 2004 to 2008 was the worst phase of the actor as many of his movies failed to weave their magic in the Box Office. He had flops like Dil Ne Jise Apna Kha, Phir Milenge, Lucky, Jaan-E-Mann, Kyon ki, Baabul, Shaadi Karke Phans Gaya, Salaam-e-Ishq, God Tussi Great Ho, Marigold, Yuvraaj, London Dreams, Heroes, Main AurMrs. Khanna and Veer which didn’t work for him at all.

He never felt dejected and bounced back with a smashing come back in the year 2009 band there has been no stopping for Mr. Khan since then. His comeback as a blockbuster hero was marked by the film Wanted by Prabhu Deva which proved the mettle of Khan and his hard work had finally paid off. Being released on the auspicious occasion of Eid, It went on to become one of the biggest blockbusters of that year and Salman was established as a blockbuster superstar. Wanted broke all the Box-Office records and his fans were left overwhelmed. A lot of producers and directors could bank on him. Since then, this superstar went ahead in life and delivered remarkable hits like Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ready, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Jai Ho, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and his latest film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. He worked hard to achieve that success and established himself as the most bankable actor today.

Post Wanted, all his films entered the prestigious 100 Crore films club and he enjoyed immense success and carved a niche for himself. His latest releases Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo were extremely successful and earned him a lot of appreciation for his talent as an actor. We now expect another blockbuster film from him every year for Eid. He has even entered the 2oo crore club with the 2014 flick, Kick. He is currently busy shooting for his upcoming release Sultan that is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and it is bound to be another blockbuster for Dabangg Khan.

He also enjoys a peculiar fan following for his fashion in films and for the steps that he is known for. There were a few iconic Salman steps that were a craze all over the nation. The towel dance in Oh Jaane Jaana is still loved by many. His dance moves and the iconic goggles in Dabangg had his fans going gaga over him. His dialogues are also one of the most famous ones from his movies. His dialogue “mere baare me itna mat sochna, maidil me aatahoon, samajh me nahin” and “mujhpeekehsaankarna ki mujh par koi ehsaan mat karna” were one of the most popular dialogues that he had. Salman Khan has a line of films up for release in the coming years. When you watch a Salman Khan film today, you will be filled with love and such is his power to rule over the audience’s heart. No wonder he garnered an immense fanfare for his work. We hope he keeps up his streak of blockbusters and entertains us for the rest of our lives.

Salman and his Love Life

Salman Khan is often in the news about his love life. The whole world went berserk when he confessed in a chat show “Koffee with Karan” hosted by Karan Johar that he was a virgin. Salman Khan has always been quite good in the department of ladies. Though he has had many ladies in his life, he has still not married and the whole world wants to know why. Let’s have a quick recap of some women that he has dated earlier.

Sangeeta Bijlani

Let’s get back to the period of 1980 where everyone would remember the gorgeous woman Sangeetha Bijlani who has just won the title of Miss India in the beauty pageant, 1980. Our Sallu Bhai was known to have been smitten by her. It is also known that Arpita Khan, Salman’s sister, played the role of the matchmaker between these two people. Salman and Sangeetha kicked it off as a couple and started dating from the 80’s. They painted the whole town red with their relationship. Their relationship eventually hit the rocks and the two eventually broke up. Salman was accused of infidelity. Sangeetha Bijlani went ahead in life and married the Cricketer Azharuddin. Unfortunately for her, her marriage with the cricketer hit the rough patch as well. It was Salman who came out in support of her. Sangeetha wants to make a comeback in Hindi cinema and Salman is helping her get on track. Salman and Sangeetha remain good friends even after the breakup. She is particularly close to his sister Arpita. Salman has told a lot of time about how Sangeetha helped him; she helped him loosen up when it came to dancing in his films. Sangeetha is close to Salman and his family even now.

Somy Ali

After Sangeetha Bijlani came into his life and left, it was Somy Ali who replaced that place in his heart. Somy Ali was a Pakistani Actress. They both are said to have met through common friends. It is said that they started dating from around 1993. They dated for a good eight years before calling it off in the year 2000. Somy Ali has told in one of the interviews about how she dreamt of marrying Salman after watching Maine Pyar Kiya, she immediately packed her bags and came to India. It was rumored that they broke up because she was subjected to physical violence by Salman, but she refuted the rumors. She said that Salman was very protective of her. She says that while Salman was never physically abusive, he did cheat on her with Aishwarya Rai. Putting the past behind, both the actors have maintained acordial relationship with each other. Salman supports the NGO that Somy Ali works for. He has recently donated an amount of 150,000 dollars to her organization, No More Tears when he found out that the organization was short of funds. It is a known fact that at times, the warmest friendship comes from a failed relationship.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

This is one of the most famous relationships of Bollywood. Salman and Aishwarya have often been in the news in the past and even now for their past relationship. Aishwarya stepped into Salman’s life during the shooting of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”. They were said to have started dating since 1999, during the shooting of this film. Aishwarya was crowned the Miss World in the beauty pageant back then. Aishwarya had managed to weave her magic on Salman with her beauty and grace. The whole world was happy for them and thought that Salman finally found the correct match and would settle in life. They were also touted as one of the best couples in Bollywood. But unfortunately, even this didn’t turn out to be the way people thought. In 2002, they had an ugly break up much to the dismay of their fans. Aishwarya said he was physically abusive to her and was harassing her.

Her family even went ahead and filed a complaint with the police. Back in 2002, Aishwarya spoke about this saying “Salman and I broke up last March but he is still not able to come to terms with it. After we broke up, he would call me and talk rubbish. He also suspected me of having affairs with my co-stars. I was linked up with everyone, from Abhishek Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan. There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And I would go to work as if nothing had happened. He tends to cause physical harm or injure himself when I don’t take his calls.” Aishwarya said that she took everything in her stride. The break up eventually came when she heard about Salman cheating on her. She says that Salman also indirectly confessed to her about the same. It is said that Salman recommended Aishwarya to many producers at that time. It was also said that Sanjay Bhansali signed Aishwarya for the film only because Salman insisted on it. It was said that there was a time when Salman kept banging the door of Aishwarya’s door very loudly to let him in a fit of fury. His anger knew no bounds. His hands eventually started bleeding and that’s when Aishwarya had to let him in. It is also rumored that he was trying to get the promise of marriage from Aishwarya, but since her career was catapulting, she wasn’t ready for it just yet. This came as a turning point in their relationship. It is also said that Salman rammed his car onto the pavement following the day after Aishwarya broke up with him, which led to a person losing his life.

It is also said that it all started on the sets of ChaltheChalthe, a film that Salman was producing back then. It had Shahrukh and Aishwarya as the main cast. Salman grew possessive about her and had a major fight on the sets of the film which might have gone physical. Shahrukh Khan is said to have intervened when Salman lost his cool and that’s when things started turning sour among them. Aishwarya lost out on the film and that since then, Salman, being alcoholic, starting physically abusing her and eventually things got haywire. After reading all these rumors about him being abusive, Salman also happened to say on the sets of his film “Tere Naam” that “I don’t need to go and explain anything to anyone. My family and people who know me know the truth. I don’t need to tell anyone what has been happening. But all these things said and written about me add up. I let it go as a part of life.”

After their relationship ended, Aishwarya and Salman have tried to never cross paths in their lives. Aishwarya married Abhishek Bachchan in 2007 and is the proud mother of her daughter Aradhya Bachchan. Salman still maintains the title of the most eligible bachelor. It has even been noted that, post their break-up they refused to cross paths with each other until recently when both Salman and Aishwarya came to the same awards function without making reasons about not coming along. It is also rumored that they met backstage but nobody is sure whether they acknowledged each other or not. Anyway, both of them are happy about their lives and have moved on for good.

Sneha Ullal

The whole world went berserk after the power couple Aishwarya and Salman went their separate ways. It came as a shocker to many when he launched Sneha Ullal who has an uncanny resemblance to Aishwarya Rai. Many people assumed that he launched the look alike of his ex-flame only to get over her. It is also rumored that he started dating Sneha Ullal. The trend of replacing his exes with look-alikesbegan in 2005 when he cast Sneha to play the lead alongside him in the movie “Lucky: No Time for Love”. There were rumors rife that she was given that role only because of her resemblance to his ex and that she was the dream girl that he wanted to replace Aishwarya.

Rumors mills also have it that Salman and Sneha dated over a brief period of time but even this relationship did not last for obvious reasons. It is said that this spark did not tend to last long with the 15-year-old actress who created quite a stir in the country back then. Sneha was spotted saying at a press conference that she and Salman never lost touch with each other and that he was always her godfather and meant a lot to her. She said that he is someone whom she owes her career to.

Salman being the man who burries his hatchet with the exes usually is also said to have done the same with Sneha Ullal. It is said that Salman was the man who re-launched Sneha Ullal in her second innings in Bollywood with “Bezuban Ishq” which unfortunately failed miserably at the box office. Yet, Salman and Sneha maintain their cordial friendship.

Katrina Kaif

After Aishwarya and Salman, another lady who made headlines for his love life is Katrina Kaif. When Katrina Kaif failed miserably at the Box Office with her Debut movie “Boom”, it was the superstar Dabangg Khan who took afancy to her and fell for her charm and beauty. He is a major reason for the success that she has now as an actor. Though they never came out in the open about their relationship, many people were already sure of them being together from the time she befriended Salman Khan. Though they never spoke about their personal lives, they always made headlines. Katrina starred alongside Khan in films like Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, Partner, Yuvvraaj, Hello and Ek Tha Tiger. Salman also made aspecial appearance in her films like Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani and Tees Maar Khan.

It is said that even though Salman Khan had a number of affairs and relationships in his life, the breakup that hurt him most is with Katrina Kaif. It is known that Mr. Khan has expressed his love for the lady on several occasions. He is said to have accepted in public that they are together and that they didn’t separate. However, the six years of their love life turned sour when Salman got to his usual self and started imposing him on Katrina as well. He is known to have done that with Sangeetha and Aishwarya before. He is said to have imposed a lot of restrictions on Katrina Kaif that didn’t go down too well with the lady. It was also said that he once brought her a pair of 24 blue contact lenses to make her look like Aishwarya and this had irked Katrina a lot.

Salman and Katrina broke up eventually after six years of dating each other is what remains in the news. Their break up had made headlines. It was also rumored that they broke up and reconciled as a couple on numerous occasions. Eventually, it couldn’t stand longer. Katrina Kaif broke up with Salman Khan. It was evident when Salman Khan told everyone that he was Single now. In an interview with a magazine, she said that she was in a serious relationship with Salman Khan and that what brought the relationship to a halt is his dominating attitude and his over possessive nature. She said that whenever she would be linked to a co-star, Salman would make it a big issue and create a scene over it. Katrina could not put up with this and they parted ways. Post their break up it was also noted that they were not in talking terms with each other. After the split, Katrina said that Salman would always be very dear to her.

It was also reported once that Katrina broke up with Salman because she felt quite stifled and tied up in the relation. The report said that she didn’t find Salman the guy that she could go out on dates for a restaurant or for foreign trips on a holiday as he is a family man. It was also said that Katrina started liking Ranbir Kapoor and that was what lead to the breakup of Salman and Katrina. Salman has also reportedly said in an interview that Ranbir is stealing everything in his life. Salman is also said to have been very hurt by this breakup. At one of the Bigg Boss promotional event when Katrina came to promote her film “Tees Maar Khan,” Salman Khan is said to have asked her “Aapne abhi Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, hum sab kesaathkaamkarliya. Ab aapnepakdahai Ranbir Kapoor… issebhineechejayengiaap? Issebhi young hero chahiye.” This left her quite frustrated and angry.

After her split with Salman, Katrina has reportedly found solace in Ranbir Kapoor, the heartthrob of the youth. Ranbir and Katrina were caught by the paparazzi in their holiday in Ibiza and that made headlines. It then came out in the public that they were dating from some time. Katrina and Ranbir are said to be living in together in their love nest and were happy with each other. Salman is also said to have accepted her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor as he said that he never holds a grudge against anyone. Also during his sister Arpita Khan’s wedding, he was found calling her “Katrina Kapoor”. However, he has also said “I gave you the chance to become Katrina Khan but you chose to be Katrina Kapoor” making the entire crowd burst out laughing. Salman is also said to be pulling Katrina’s legs in many occasions later with she took with a light heart. However, it was good that Salman and Katrina have let bygones be bygones and have maintained a friendly relationship with each other, even though they weren’t in talking terms with each other for a brief period. It is said that Salman and Katrina are very dear to each other now and that things are very fine between them now. Katrina has always been very close to Salman’s family especially with his sister, Alvira Khan. She is found partying with her almost every month.

Katrina broke the headlines again in 2016 of her issues with Ranbir Kapoor and they both are said to have parted ways due to the swindling nature of Ranbir Kapoor. It was said that Katrina was looking for a commitment of marriage which Ranbir couldn’t give her. They are also said to have problems since Ranbir and Deepika’s film “Tamasha” which had them in close proximity and this didn’t go down too well with Katrina. Gossip mills were also abuzz with the fact that Salman was the reason for her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor. It is said that she called it off with Ranbir after having a long conversation with Salman over what to do and decided to finally quit and end it.

Post the whole breakup fiasco it is said that Katrina found Solace in Salman and immediately went to him for advice. During the promo of her upcoming film Fitoor, she had a long conversation with Salman Khan and he advised her to open up for once and for all and to move ahead in life. If reports are to be believed it is said that Salman still has sparks for his ex-flame Katrina which he made evident on the sets of Big Boss 9 when Katrina and Aditya Roy Kapoor paid a visit to promote their upcoming film “Fitoor”. Salman was found praising Katrina for what a strong woman she has been in her life and how she dealt with many situations that came her way with a brave heart. He also went ahead and said “You (Katrina) are the strongest woman I know. She was 16 when she came here, worked hard and has reached this stage in her life. Entire India is crazy about you, including me”. This has again created a buzz in the industry. It is good to see exes in cordial terms with each other and taking a stand for each other. It is however said that Salman is not in good terms with Ranbir Kapoor even now!

Zarine Khan

Salman didn’t stop the habit of launching look-alikes of ex-flames in the industry. Immediately after his ugly breakup with Katrina, he launched yet another actress who has anuncanny resemblance to Katrina Kaif. Zarine Khan was cast opposite Salman Khan in the movie “Veer” which marked her debut in Bollywood. It was speculated that he cast Zarine in order to compensate for his breakup with Katrina Kaif. Rumour mills were again abuzz that Salman would be dating Zarine. It was also rumored that Zarine and Salman were found ahand in hand with each other in a number of occasions. However, it was never accepted that they have indeed been dating so the truth is still unknown. Both have however denied the rumors and have maintained that they are good friends.

Salman has been her mentor and her guide on several occasions. Zarine also made a special appearance for one of the songs that in Salman Khan’s movie “Kick” where she danced to the catchy tunes of “Character Dheela Hai”. Zarine Khan had recently told that she is scared and quite intimidated by Salman Khan. She said that Salman Khan did not know about her movie, Hate Story 3, as she was scared to discuss it with him. She said that her talkative nature disappears and that she becomes a different person when Salman is in front of her. They are said to be good friends. It is also speculated that they will be working together with “Partner 2”

Iulia Vantur

It is being said that Salman is currently dating Iulia Vantur who is a Romanian actor and a television presenter. It is all over the news that both of them have been trying hard to keep their relationship under wraps. Salman is said to have met Iulia for the first time when he was on arecce with his brother Sohail for their film Jai Ho. It has been speculated that since then, she stole his heart and the two are rumored to be dating till date. It was highly talked that during the big fat wedding of Arpita Khan, Salman introduced Iulia Vantur as his girlfriend. No one was left in doubt that they weren’t a couple since then.

It is said that Iulia Vantur lives in a five-star hotel in Bandra which is just a few buildings from Salman’s house. And it is also said that Salman pays the bills for her. She was spotted several times taking an auto to Salman’s house in order to avoid paparazzi. Salman and Iulia have been found together always. We also find Salman party hard with his rumored girlfriend Iulia Vantur in quite a happy mood. It is believed that he had his eyes on her the entire night to make sure if she was comfortable and that she is enjoying her time. They are also spotted in various pictures enjoying their time with each other.

Iulia is also said to be very comfortable with Salman’s family which fuels the rumors. It is speculated that Salman recently gifted Iulia with a swanky four wheeler. Salman Khan, however, has maintained astoic silence on the issue and never accepted any of the rumors. We might expect him to be in a serious relationship with her now that she is spotted everywhere with him. We all are excited to see when he decides to settle down in life.

Salman and his Big Heart

We have always seen that Salman Khan is not just a celebrity. He is more and much more than just that. He is ahuman being who has the biggest heart ever. His kindness has no bounds and we have seen many people praising and thanking him on numerous occasions.

Being Human

Salman, being the man with a golden heart, has always gone an extra mile for doing charitable work. Being a philanthropist, his love for mankind was proven on occasions more than once. An NGO called “Being Human” is founded by Salman Khan in the year of 2007. in order to support the underprivileged. This Salman Khan organization sells clothes and other merchandise. The money collected from this goes to their charitable trust that works in the areas of education and healthcare for the underprivileged. Salman Khan also started his own production house, whose collections also go as a donation to Being Human organization. This shows his compassion for people.

Salman, the Godfather to many

Salman Khan is known to have a big heart not only for the charity he does. He has launched the career of many Bollywood actors who went on to achieve greater heights in the industry. He has been the godfather for many actors who owe their career completely to Salman. While some successful managed to give their careers a kickstart with Salman, others diminished onto the background. He has launched various debutants and made the dream come true for many stars. Let us look at some of the actors who owe their Bollywood career to Mr. Khan:

Katrina Kaif: Her Bollywood debut bombed at the Box Office, that’s when Salman Khan took notice of her. It’sMr. Khan who launched her in ‘Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya’. It’s after that film that she started bagging offers and is one of the leading ladies in the industry today.

Sonakshi Sinha: Being Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter, Bollywood debut sounded easy. But it was Salman who gave her a dream debut with the blockbuster Dabangg which h got her an acclaim. Salman also motivated her to shed some extra kilos and keep her weight incheck.

Sneha Ullal: Any newbie’s dream is to be launched by a superstar and Sneha Ullal got just this. She was spotted by Salma and had a dream debut with the movie Lucky opposite the star himself.

Somy Ali: With million dollar dreams of marrying Salman and making it big in the industry, Somy Ali flew down to India. It was Salman Khan who suggested her to producers and she rose to fame.

Aishwarya Rai: Though Aishwarya won the beauty pageant, her Bollywood career was not going that well until she was cast opposite Salman in the hit film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. It is with this film that she was noticed and Salman is also said to refer her name to many producers.

Zarine Khan: A mentor for yet another Debutant, Salman launched Zarine Khan in the film Veer where she was the lead opposite Salman. She also happened to do a special song with him in Ready.

Daisy Shah: Before being spotted by Salman, she was a choreographer. After Salman launched her in Jai Ho, her career hit an all-time high and she is doing well in the industry.

Athiya Shetty: Having the keen interest to promote new talent, Salman Khan happened to launch Athiya Shetty who happens to be the daughter of Sunil Shetty in the film “hero” which was a hit.

Arjun Kapoor: Being the son of the producer, Boney Kapoor, Arjun never wanted to take up acting. It was Salman who motivated him and inspired him to shed weight and become an actor for the potential that he saw in him and the rest is history.

Sooraj Pancholi: Yet another star kid was launched by Salman himself, who proved his talent at the Box Office. Sooraj, being the son of Aditya Pancholi was launched by Salman in the film “Hero” which is a hit.

Bhoomika Chawla: One particular film that earned both the lead actors critical acclaim was Tere Naam. Salman became the most sought after actor and he also happened to launch Bhoomika’s Bollywood career with this movie which was a super hit at the Box Office.

Jaqueline Fernandez: Though she was not launched in the industry by Salman, her career had that boost only after he advised to cast her in Kick. That’s when she became the glam doll of the industry.

Pulkit Samrat: Another newbie who was supported by Mr. Khan is Pulkit. His journey from small screen to the silver screen wouldn’t have been possible it if wasn’t for Salman who gave his career a kick start.

Other:Other aspiring actors who owe their careers to Salman include Elli Avram, Sana Khan, Hazel Keech, Isabelle Kaif, Mehak Chahal and Iulia Vantur and a lot more.

Salman and his Tryst with Reality Shows

Salman Khan being such a commercial actor and has an immense fan following, it is not surprising that he was roped in to host a number of reality shows. Having such a great fan following, Salman is bound to be the reality king of Bollywood.

Dus Ka Dum

This reality show started in the year 2008. This television reality show was an Indian version of international game show Power of 10. This was hosted by Mr. Khan himself. It was hosted by Sony Entertainment Television and it is this show and Salman’s immense popularity that helped Sony TV regain the 3rd place in ratings.
Dus Ka Dum featured Salman Khan playing the game with many celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Karisma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Amir Khan, Govinda and a lot more along with ordinary contestants. It was quite successful and went on to garner TRPs for two seasons.

Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss is another reality show that banks on the immense popularity of Salman Khan. It is a reality show where celebrities from all walks of life are made to live with each other confined to one room. It follows the format of Big Brother developed by Endemol. It was started in the year 2006 in Sony TV but eventually is being aired on Colors Entertainment Channel since 2008

It has been one of the most popular reality shows of India that had managed to keep the audiences glued on to Tv screens for about 9 seasons. There have been various hosts for this show right from Arshad Warsi, Shilpa Shetty, Amitabh Bachchan but no one managed to garner the TRP that Salman Khan. Mr. Khan has been hosting this reality show from the year 2010 and had earlier hosted season 4. He is also currently hosting the 9th season. The major reason for the popularity is only the host and the way he deals with the contestants. Salman and Bigg Boss has been having a long association and wish to continue as well.

Salman and Controversies, Friends and Foes

When you have a superstar in the industry, it is almost impossible that you have no controversies that are surrounding the fame and popularity that the star had earned so far. And when it is the Bhai of Bollywood, we sure can expect firecrackers. Salman and controversies have never been far away. He has time and again been surrounded by various squabbles in his career. Let us glance through them once!

Legal Cases

Hit and Run Case

This infamous incident happened in the year of 2002 when Salman’s SUV rammed on to the people on the footpath in Bandra. One person was killed and others were gravely injured. He was then arrested by Mumbai Police and his blood samples were taken. However, he was granted bail.

Later that year, Mumbai Court charged him with a homicide. He was arrested again and was granted the bail again. In 2003, he then challenged the application of charges against him. The sessions court rejected his plea and asked Magistrate court to frame charges. After several pleas and rejection, the process continued for several years and Salman was made to circle the court steps various times.

In 2014, the Sessions court started the re-trial of Salman. His family driver then owned up the whole accident and the case was rested. However, Mumbai’s Session Court sentenced Salman to five years of imprisonment but eventually after his plea, he was acquitted of all charges and the whole country rejoiced. However, he earned lot flak for not getting punished even after evidence proved he was driving the car. It is still a mystery to who was driving the car and what exactly happened that night. A few people also went ahead to tell that he started the organization of Being Human only to save himself from the hit and run case.

Blackbuck Poaching Case

Yet another legal case that haunted Salman was the poaching of endangered species in 1998. Salman was accused of poaching three chinkaras and one black buck in Jodhpur around September-October 1998 during the shoot of his film ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’. The Forest Department then registered a case under the illegal use of his arms for hunting the animals. However, Khan said that he applied for a renewal of his weapons and hence wasn’t using them illegally.

The possession of illegal arms is no longer a problem to Khan. But, the poaching case is still being tried in the court. He was also sentenced a jail term for a year but eventually got a bail.

The Shahrukh-Salman Brawl

One of the most infamous fights in the history of Bollywood has been the Shah Rukh Khan and Salman’s fight in Katrina Kaif’s birthday party back in the year 2008. Salman and Shahrukh has always been one of the thickest friends in the film industry and have time and again proved that they have immense respect for each other right from the year of their release “Karan Arjun”.

The rumor mill has it that the whole incident started off from a long time ago. It is said that when Salman lost his cool on the sets of Chalthe Chalthe which was starring Aishwarya Rai and Shahrukh initially. Salman did not like the way Shahrukh was enjoying success with Aishwarya in tow and their pairing was gaining popularity. This irked Salman at a time when Salman’s career was going low. It is said that when Salman disrupted the sets of ChaltheChalthe and wanted Aishwarya to come with him leaving the sets, Shahrukh intervened and this angered Salman even more. Since then, there was some tension brewing between these two superstars.

But, the two superstars are known for maintaining camaraderie and were also seen in several movies doing guest appearances for each other. Having given the hit movie “Karan Arjun” together, they seemed to share a very good bond. It is said that even after the ugly incident on the sets of that movie, Salman and Shahrukh stayed thick. In the year 2007, Salman and his family also appeared as guests in Shah Rukh’s song in Om Shanthi Om. However, it was also said that Salman was pissed with SRK as he declined to do a special appearance in Salman’s movie given how many times Salman made a guest appearance on SRK’s movies.

While they had immense respect for each other time and again, then came this ugly night in 2008 which happened to be Katrina’s birthday bash and everyone was having a gala time. Before things went different directions between the two Khans, it is said that both of them were already high in the party. Salman started making nasty comments at how Shahrukh’s reality show ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain’ was doing terrible even with the start stature that SRK had. Shahrukh didn’t pay heed to his comments earlier but when it got beyond a point, he didn’t stay calm. This led to a verbal war of words among the two Khans which shocked the entire film fraternity that was there. It is said that Shahrukh retortedby commenting about Salman’s ex, Aishwarya Rai, as a joke, time and again that highly angered Salman. It is said that Gauri Khan and Aamir Khan that stopped the fight. After that tiff, both the Khans became rivals and were not in talking terms with each other.

Salman and Shahrukh had been at loggerheads with each other after that incident. Happy times for the two Khans came back again in the year 2011. Shahrukh had wished Salman a speedy recovery for Eid 2011 when he underwent a nerve surgery. Later in the year 2013, they hugged each other and gave warm wishes at an Iftaar party hosted by Siddique. This marked the fact that they buried their hatchet. Since then we can see how Shahrukh and Salman have regained their thick friendship and made aconstant effort to hang on with each other. They have promoted each other’s films at social platforms and have been good friends since then. Shahrukh also released Bhajrangi Bhaijaan’s poster and Salman promoted Dilwale. Happy times are back again!


After Shahrukh and Salman had major fallout, it was Aamir who backed Salman and got close to him. Salman and Aamir have been inseparable ever since. Also, Aamir and Shahrukh weren’t in good terms either at that time which made Salman and Aamir even closer. We have seen how these two Khans were there for each other time and again and there is no denying that they share one of the truest and unified relationships with each other.

It is said that things took an ugly turn even here. It is speculated that Salman and Aamir might also have a major fall out. Reports claim that it all started when Aamir was insecure about Salman’s friendship with Shahrukh. It was also said that Aamir was insecure about Dangal with Salman’s Sultan which has a similar storyline. He also asked the makers to shift the release dates but they didn’t pay heed to it. So it was said that from then, Aamir wasn’t too happy with Salman. When Salman offered a special screening of Bhajrangi Bhaijaan, Aamir was found crying and was immensely moved by the movie. However, rumors have it that Aamir told that he was initially offered the role instead of Salman which irked Salman. Another rumor has it that Aamir criticized Salman for his selection of films and the choices he made in life which didn’t go too well with Salman. It is said that Salman left the party in a fury and Aamir was left teary eyed. We are not sure of any of these as the actors did not confirm to any of these.

What we know for sure is that Salman said in a recent interview that all the news about the tiff between him and his friend Aamir is not true at all and that nobody can fight with Aamir, ever. He also went ahead and told the media that Sultan and Dangal are two different things and you should not compare the two films at all. It was also known that Aamir Salman and Shahrukh had a facetime call right after they buried the hatchet. Well, we hear some good times ahead with the three Khans.

Salman-Vivek Oberoi Brawl

One ugly side of the industry has been the Vivek and Salman brawl. Vivek is less known as a Bollywood actor and more famous for being the third wheel between Aishwarya and Salman. It is said that Vivek and Aishwarya were dating back then, they didn’t confirm it,though after Aishwarya and Salman had an ugly spat and a breakup. Salman was already in a bad time with his break up and the hit and run case that was charged against him. He was in a bad shape back then, in 2003.

At this extremely sensitive time for Salman, what worsened the situation was the press conference that Vivek Oberoi called for. He claimed that he was getting threatening calls from Salman, This lead to his doom in the industry which followed a major setback for Vivek. It is said that Salman was the reason that one of the most promising actors failed to take off as no one was offering him movies even though he was talented.

It is also said that Vivek happened to apologize to the Dabangg Khan a number of times but he wouldn’t budge. Salman is known to give a cold shoulder to Vivek even now.

Salman- Sanjay

Salman Khan, on his way to stardom, has found one great and lovely friend in fellow Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt. Their friendship has been one of the purest of all. Time and again, it is said that Salman and Sanjay have been inseparable and love each other immensely. Together, they have given hit films like Chal Mere Bhai and others. They also had a great chemistry hosting the reality show Bigg Boss 5.

Their camaraderie is one example of strong solidarity. They have been friends for a long time and have had no qualms about showing mutual love and affection for each other. Sanju Baba is always protective of Salman Khan and also told in an interview that he wanted Salman to learn from his good side and not repeat the mistakes that Sanjay did. Salman also revealed that Sanju Baba almost convinced him to get married. One can understand how amicable and close they are to each other by this. They have always been there during each other’s thick and thin and never left each other’s side.

Salman was recently found saying that he is just waiting for Sanjay Bhai to complete his term in jail and come out soon so that they can party. Kudos to their friendship and the strong ties that they have made in this industry with each other!

With so many highs and lows in life and a number of friends and foes in the industry, we wish Salman Khan only the best!