Puri takes a shocking decision!

Director Puri Jagannath has put high hopes on the acting career of his son Aakash Puri. Thus, he himself launched Aakash as a hero with the film Mehbooba. But the movie tanked at the box office very badly. Now, he has put Aakash’s responsibility on the shoulders of his associate, Anil Paduri.

Puri Jagannath Son Third Movie
Puri Jagannath Son Third Movie

Anil is directing Aakash’s second flick Romantic. Puri himself penned the story of the film. Now, we hear that Puri again gave the chance to one of his former associates, Maalikarjun to direct Aakash’s third film. Mallikarjun worked with Puri for the film Badri. Later on, he went to become a director.

He made three films with Kalyan Ram, Abhimanyu, Kathi and Sher. All of them were disasters. In each of them, he tried to adapt Puri’s style but failed miserably. Now, many people are wondering why Puri has given a chance to a director with such a poor record. Only Puri knows the reason.

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