Prabhas and Rana’s funny Comments on their marriage

The trailer launch event of Baahubali-2 has become a stage for many fun things. The most desirable heroes Rana and Prabhas responded in style to the questions of reports.

Prabhas and Rana
Prabhas and Rana

After the success of Baahubali-1, Prabhas and Rana have become the most wanted bachelors in India. Whenever media got them, they were enquired about the marriage and they used to escape by saying that they are occupied with Baahubali-2. As the movie is completed now, they have no chance to escape the question. So the reporters asked them about their marriages yesterday in the trailer release event at Hyderabad. Rana said that seniors should talk first and passed the mike to Prabhas. Intelligent Prabhas said that Rana is his elder in the movie and gave the mike back. Having no chance to escape, Rana claimed that no one would give me their daughter after watching his furious character in the sequel. Prabhas as usual escaped by saying that he doesn’t know.

These two young heroes are known for their big families. It’s up to their families to choose a girl for them. As of now, we can enjoy the movie Baahubali.

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