Popular Bollywood Singer Nitin Bali Passed Away

As per the reports coming in, popular Bollywood singer Nitin Bali died in a road accident that shook the entire music fraternity. He was famous for the remix song Neeli Neeli Ambar Par that released in the year 1990. While Nithiin Bali was coming from Borivali to Malad, the accident took place and his car hit the divider during the accident. Nithiin was driving the car on his own then.

Nitin Bali Died
Nitin Bali Died

The cops have brought him to the police station and granted him bail. He was later sent to the hospital as he was injured on head and face. The doctors advised him the treatment but Nithiin did not pay any attention to the doctors and eventually because of some side effects, Nithiin suffered stomach pain as well as vomitings during the night that day.

When he is being taken to the hospital, he suffered a heart stroke that resulted in his death. Nithiin was married to TV actress Roma.

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