Poonam Kaur’s War On Cheaters

Actress Poonam Kaur who is rumored as the girlfriend of Pawan Kalyan made some sensational comments today. Poonam Kaur Lal who is seen ranting on some people took her Twitter to vent out her anger on a ‘director’ whose name she did not mention. Poonam Kaur fired on that director for manipulating her life and demeaning her career by putting down her expectations.

Poonam Kaur Abuses Director
Poonam Kaur Abuses Director

The actress indirectly targets him with her words and tells that she is an innocent one who has no proofs against the ones who made her life difficult. She also concluded by saying Karma will take care of such people. Read the below tweets Poonam Wrote today.

“There is this director who just doesnt films but life’s of people …he tried directing mine n did quite manipulate it …the time I asked for explanation he behaved as if nothing happend , he wants only his girls to b therein this industry”, Poonam Wrote.

“When some wanted to give me an opputunity he just made so many reasons for it that I can’t even say …one of his girls has given consistent flops now but will b still given work coz of reasons unknown …what really works in the industry ? #favoratism

When one has to give u work they will … no questions no reasons … I know how it is to wait n get manipulated n get redirected so much that your life takes a turn … #favoratism #nepotism #extracuricullar activities n the one who are passionate r killed !

It’s wrong to give hopes , expectations and make them believe in you and walk away as if nothing happened ….the smart ones keep proofs the innocent just believe in u … #karma shall answer .. ” Poonam expressed. Seems she has suffered a lot because of that unrevealed director.

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