Pawan Kalyan’s mother donation to Janasena Party

Pawan Kalyan has been staying away from the films and is focussing more on his political party ‘Janasena’. As the party founder, he is working hard for the upcoming elections in the state.

Pawan Kalyan Mother
Pawan Kalyan Mother

On this note, recently, a heart-warming incident took place at the Janasena party office. The sweet and kind gesture of Pawan Kalyan’s mother Anjana Devi garu is winning the hearts. She visited the party office this afternoon and donated Rs. 4 lakhs from her savings to her youngest son, Pawan Kalyan. After handing over the cheque to Pawan, Anjana Devi garu wished his son to attain success in the upcoming general elections. Overwhelmed with her gesture, Pawan Kalyan touched her feet and took her blessings.

He spent some quality time together with her and accompanied her to the car by holding her hand. It was an emotional moment not only for both of them and also the staff at the office.

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