Pawan Kalyan’s advice on Renu Desai’s second marriage

Since childhood, we’ve been told and heard that marriages are made in heaven. However, what does anyone does if the first marriage results in a divorce? While some prefer to remain single, some will look for a new partner.

Renu Desai Second Marriage
Renu Desai Second Marriage

Divorce is not just happening to men and women in a period of one or two years after marriage, but also to those who live for ten or twenty years with a partner. However, the divorce rate increases in the case of celebrities. As far as Tollywood is concerned, Pawan Kalyan has married thrice. Though there’s no news about his first wife, Pawan’s second wife and former actress Renu Desai has been hitting the headlines continuously.

Renu, who is acting as a judge on a dance-based reality show, has recently revealed that she has decided to get married again as she feels the need of man in her life. Despite threats and opposition from the fans of Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai is hellbent on going back on her decision.

As per latest reports, Pawan Kalyan had called Renu Desai and advised her to have a proper background check on the guy whom she wishes to marry. When the actress was asked if she and Pawan had any discussion with whom kids should stay after marriage, she said that there are no discussions as for now.

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