Pawan Kalyan to seek Telangana police help to bring out conspiracy against him

Even though the media Channels are plotting against him, Power Star Pawan Kalyan continues to tweet against his opponents. However, this morning, Pawan Kalyan stunned everyone with his tweet.

Pawan Kalyan and Telangana PS
Pawan Kalyan and Telangana PS

Pawan Kalyan stated that he is planning to seek Telangana police to investigate the alleged misconduct about him over the past six months. He said that men and women who are trying to discredit him will come out now.

“If investigations happen, the distinguished families, politicians, media heads, their children … all come out and it will lead to Amaravathi.”All of you are encouraged to wear a maiden dress. That’s what the media did. But the facts of the light in the investigation are bigger than all of your shows, “said Pawan Kalyan in a series of tweets.

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