Pawan Kalyan Shocking Comments On TDP and YCP

Pawan Kalyan is currently busy in Amaravathi with his political meetings. Though the election fever calmed down completely in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan asked his Janasena leaders to mingle with people and work for them. At Amaravathi Janasena office, Pawan met 15 leaders who contested for Assembly. During the meeting, Pawan made some interesting comments.

Pawan Kalyan Comments on TDP and YSRCP
Pawan Kalyan Comments on TDP and YSRCP

“We are going to witness progress. The process is slow but the change is definitely going to take place. Unlike TDP and YSRCP, we at Janasena will show no interest in analyzing polling and predicting the numbers. I wanted the same josh to be continued in the local elections as well. Let us all work with people in solving their problems.” said Pawan Kalyan in the meeting.

Nadendla Manohar, Ram Mohan Rao, Madasu Gangadhar, Thota Chandrasekhar, and others took part in the meeting.

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