Pawan Kalyan Fans To Avoid Kanche

Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans have decided to ban and stay away from the release of Mega Brother Naga Babu’s son Varun Tej’s “Kanche

Naga Babu at Chiranjeevi birthday celebration
Naga Babu at Chiranjeevi birthday celebration

The reason behind this was that during the 60th Birthday Celebrations of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Naga Babu fired over fans who were shouting Pawan Kalyan’s name in his absence. He warned Pawan Kalyan fans and said to stop screaming his name. He further added that it is he (Pawan Kalyan) who should be interested in attending the function. We have sent a special invitation to him too, and fans shall question his absence to him rather than to us, he said.

Naga Babu conducted and managed the whole event of 60th celebrations of Chiru with fans on 21st of August. In the event, he furiously shouted and warned Pawan fans to stop shouting Pawan’s name or else he (Nagababu) will come and hit them.

In the private party of the birthday celebrations organised by Ram Charan on August 23rd, Pawan Kalyan attended the party and wished his brother. Though, Pawan left very early from the party.

Feeling disgusted about the way Nagababu addressed them, Pawan fans decided to ban and stay away from watching Nagababu’s son Varun Tej’s “Kanche” movie.

Sooner, Nagababu shall do something to cool down, or else Varun Tej will lose a crucial sector of Mega fans.

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