OMG!!! Balayya spends a bomb for a number plate

Tollywood celebs live their lives in the fast and rich Lane is a known fact. From Mercedes Benz and Audi to BMW and Rolls Royce, they own mean machines that score high on the glamour and luxury scale.

NBK Bently Car
NBK Bently Car

But what’s also interesting is that a lot of these celebs are superstitious about their vehicle number plates, so much, so that they have the same number combination for all their vehicles. A personalized vehicle registration number may come at its own cost, but then again, moolah has never been a deterrent for our celebs, has it?

However, inflation, recession or demonetization, nothing seems to deter Hyderabad’s rich but not necessarily famous from winning auspicious vehicle number plates at RTO auctions, never mind their exorbitant price tags.

Recently Balayya’s daughters gifted a posh car to him is a known news. But what is surprising news is that Balayya and his team brought the number plate TS 90EU 0001 for a whopping sum of Rs 7.77 lakhs for NBK’s new Bently car (Rs 3.11 crores)

While bids have skyrocketed, the most popular numerical sequences continue to be variations of the number 9: series with 0009, 0099, 0001 and so on.

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