Nithin hiked his remuneration

Young hero Nithin was back on track with his previous blockbuster ‘A Aa’, thanks to Trivikram, he has entered the higher league of heroes. Now the industry circles are discussing his increased remuneration.

Nithin Remuneration
Nithin Remuneration

Nithin used to charge Rs 3-4 crores for the movie due to back to back hits since ‘Ishq’. But the movie ‘A.AA’ has made him 50 crores hero. At the US, this movie has entered top 5 collectors of Telugu movies by collecting more than $ 2.5 millions. This made him demand the remuneration close to 10 crores for his ongoing flick with director Hanu Raghavapudi. The producers claim that Rs 7 crores are reasonable for his hit ratio, but ten crores are more than his range.

Producers Gopichand Achanta and Ram Achanta are bankrolling this flick under ‘14 Reels Entertainment’. This movie is touted to be the backdrop of Old town city in Hyderabad. Nithin changed into the rough look with a beard. This movie is aimed to get released for Summer.

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