Neha Saxena shamed a person who asked for a one-night-stand

Neha Saxena is well-known for her performance in ‘Kasaba’ in which she was seen opposite Mammootty in a Malayalam movie. She also did a Kannada movie and is one of the well-known faces.

Neha Saxena
Neha Saxena

Recently, the actress shared her bad experience in #MeToo movement. Apparently, Neha received a one-night-stand proposal from a guy when she went to Dubai to attend an event. She not only shared her experience but also posted a screenshot of that guy’s message and exposed him. “Because of this kind of men entire male population gets triggered and framed being wrong all the time. Such a loser should get punished. If u all really have little respect towards females. Do teach this #DOG a #lesson..” posted Neha exposing his name and photo.

“I will make sure such dogs get punished .. more than an actress I am a woman .. and today If I don’t raise voice being a celeb then what example I will set for every other ordinary gal out there.” she added. Needless to say, the post went viral and netizens admired her for her courage.

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