NBK’s 101 Movie Video Leaked

The online leaks of new films and some films which are in production have become a huge headache for the makers. However, despite negative, these leaks have been turning favor to the movies.

NBK-101 Movie
NBK-101 Movie

Going into the details, the movie of Puri and Balayya which is in production has got a traitor inside. Someone unknown from the location has shot a small video and leaked it online on YouTube. Thus the video has gone viral in no time. This video showcases Balayya in his career’s best form is seen with the female lead Shriya in the streets of Spain. This video has now hinted that the movie will be in Puri’s style as we can see Balayya throws his Jacket off like typical Puri heroes. The fans can breathe easy as this movie is Shaping well in no time. One should not get surprised if this movie becomes a blockbuster.

After many days Anup Rubens is scoring music for Puri. The movie will get released for September or later for Dussehra

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