Nayanthara as a Collector

Top actress Nayanthara will be seen as a collector in one of her upcoming films.

Nayan’s career is progressing much better than any of her contemporaries’. With films opposite both senior and upcoming heroes, she is one of the busiest actresses who could keep senior actors like Venkatesh in waiting list for her dates.

Nayanthara Collector
Nayanthara Collector

Nayan is also acting in a couple of heroine-oriented films. As per latest reports, Nayan is currently acting in a heroine oriented film in which she is playing the role of a collector. 40 percent of shooting has already completed in Srihari Kota. Nayan hopes that the film will bring her laurels just like ‘Naan Rowdy Thaan’ did.

Nayan’s ‘Babu Bangaram’ is slated for release on August 12. Her ‘IruMugan’ and ‘Kashmora’ are also set for release. She has another 2 films on sets.

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