Nayan’s Rule- No liplock, Bathroom, and Steamy Scenes

Top Telugu actress Nayanatara is giving nightmares to her producers. Her new conditions for signing projects is making the producers to search an alternative for her.

Nayantara Hot Scenes
Nayantara Hot Scenes

Already she has a controversial fame in the entire South Indian Film region. She is rumored to be arrogant, late to the sets and switch schedules according to her comfort. Despite her fame, she has been making her career bad with her set of conditions. After the film ‘Irumugam’ with Vikram, she has added some own conditions in her contract for any movie. The conditions state that she will not act in any kind of romantic scenes like liplocks, bedroom scenes and bathroom scenes. In addition to that, she stated that her dialogues should be compulsory in crucial scenes of the film.

We have seen producers implying conditions and directors other than heroes. But now Nayanatara has become a Star heroine to make the conditions of her own to sign any film.

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