Nadigar Sangam issue turns ugly, Radhika lashes out Vishal and Karthi

It is just not political elections that have all the exciting elements. Elections in the tinsel town are also equally if not more exciting than the political mandate.

Radhika Sarathkumar and Vishal
Radhika Sarathkumar and Vishal

A couple of days ago, the Nadigar Sangam elections become the talk of the town with a huge argument between Vishal and Radhika. Now, the things have heated up more with Radhika’s tweet.

It is already a known fact that Vishal was fined with a whopping 1.65 Crores during the recent Nadigar elections meeting. However, now Radhika lashed out Vishal and Karthi with her series of tweets.

Here are few tweets of Radhika:

“The witch hunt starts in NadigarSangam @VishalKOfficial accusations started with 100cr now diacounted amt, no explanation 2 where discrepancy no explanation,”

“no clarification, just taken off membership, the need nw is fr more mature &seasoned ppl.”

“Wht is the final end??? Just accusations without proof. Can u erase the bitterness.grow up boys.”

“ When there was misunderstanding u were given opp to clarify and u apologized. Did u call?? @VishalKOfficial too much hatred within you.”

“Boys @VishalKOfficial @Karthi_Offl suspend me for questioning.”

However, with Radhika’s tweets, the issue related to Nadigar elections may heat up yet again. Only time will say what will happen.

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