Senior actress Radhika narrowly escapes the Srilankan attacks

The whole world was shocked on the festive day of Easter, with the serial bomb blasts in Srilanka. In the eight bombings that happened in Colombo this morning, over 207 people were killed and 450 people were injured. Many countries condemned this terror attack.

Radhika Escapes Bomb Attack
Radhika Escapes Bomb Attack

Various celebrities across our country have paid their condolences to the people who lost their lives in the attack. Senior actress Radhika narrowly escaped the bombing. She just left the hotel Cinnamon grand just a while before it got attacked. The actress was shell shocked by the incident.

“OMG bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, god be with all. I just left Colombo Cinnamon grand hotel and it has been bombed, can’t believe this shocking,” tweeted Radhika this morning. She was having the luckiest day of her life, to be frank. She also paid condolences to the innocents who lost their lives.

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