Mohan Babu’s FASAK became Vishnu’s title

A few months ago, while talking in an interview, Collection King Mohan Babu came up with an interesting word called ‘Fasak’. After that, the word became very popular and even celebrities also used this word.

Mohanbabu Fasak
Mohanbabu Fasak

Now, his son Manchu Vishnu is going to make use of that word in a wise way. As per the latest reports, Manchu Vishnu under his production house 24 Frames Factory has registered the movie title ‘Fasak’ at the Telugu film chamber. It seems like the actor wants to keep that word as a title for the upcoming movie or a web series that is coming under his production house. The actor might have done it to protect the title from someone else stealing it from the Manchu family.

We have to wait and see if Manchu Vishnu himself star in the movie or will rope in another actor. On the other hand, it would be good to see Manchu Vishnu starring in a movie titled after the word invented by his father.

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