Megastar set to offer special prayers to horses. Read on to find out why?

Film Industry is no way of sentiments, and even star heroes are not an exception! Several times we hear people falling down from horses or really feeling nauseous before climbing on a horse.

Chiranjeevi -Ram Charan Tej
Chiranjeevi-,Ram Charan Tej

Well, at times even when you’re the best rider there is no guarantee that you would survive a fall. So as a rider you need to be at your best. Our heroes take risks so that fans and people can enjoy them riding a horse in style.

Megastar Chiranjeevi is the most stylish of them all. Even his son, Ram Charan Tej proved to be the best rider in Telugu Cinema. Now, here’s the latest update, while Chiranjeevi is the best rider, from few years his movies that feature him riding a horse have ended up being big flops. His Anji and Bruce Lee became disasters at the box office.

So, to escape the bad luck, Chiranjeevi decided to offer some special poojas to horses. Even Ram Charan Tej accepted this as he wants Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy to work big time at the box office. Well, the pooja will be held at Ram Charan Tej’s guest house very soon.

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