Manmarziyan Review

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

Movie NameManmarziyaan
Movie Rating4/5
Movie Cast Abhishek Bachchan, Vicky Kaushal, Taapsee Pannu
DirectorAnurag Kahsyap
Music DirectorAmit Trivedi
Production CompanyPhantom Films
Release DateSeptember 14, 2018


Anurag Kashyap predominantly deals with crime, bloodshed and gaalis. Seldom he touches out and out love stories. The last he did was DevD and gave a very fresh perspective despite the base story is ages old. That’s his strength, to present stuff in a new angle back by realistic touch. He picks a love triangle again and also his association with Anand L Rai goes further wity Manmarziyaan. Mr.Kashyap hits the bulls eye again.

Manmarziyan Movie Review
Manmarziyan Movie Review

Set in Amritsar, the story is initially of Rumi (Tapsee Pannu) and Vicky (Vicky Kaushal) who are forever busy in bed. Vicky is a clueless youth that you find in lanes of Punjab. He is the hippe looking commitment fearing person. Rumi and Vicky are caught by the girls parents and that’s when Vicky is confronted about what’s he gonna do to nake a living. Rumis ficklemindeness also gives rise to the entry of the second hero – Robbie played elegantly by Abhishek Bachan. He comes as a propoe marriage alliance.

The rest of the film is about what destiny plans for them.

Rather than destiny, the movie tries to give a reality check to what happens to most or almost all of such love stories in India. Writer of the filmx Kanika Dhillon takes the cake with great writing. The film dives deep into the world of love speaking with metaphors as well as straight forward lines. The characters are so well written symbolizing a bunch of typical youth we find today. The wwaivering mind of Rumi, daring yet fearful Vicky, softspoken and sorted Robbie. The film give a tad more importance to the female lead as it revolves around who she ends up with, and how. The characters are so relatable, and would definitely make you reminisce atleast one of the scenarios in your successful/failed love story. The climax of the film also is impressive.

Definitely Tapsee makes a great performance in the film. The character slightly reminds of Tanu weds Manu. Abhishek Bachan performs with great subtlety and is wonderful. An underrated actor who makes a great impact in this film. Vicky Kaushal plays a totally opposite of his role in Sanju. He excels too.

Everything falls in place for this movie including Amit Triveidis music (nowhere close to DevD though). The cinematography and the production design captures Amritsar very well.

The movie is a nice example for well gelled writing and direction. On one side we have Kanika Dhillons intricate and sometimes poetic portayal of the emotions, implulses, and on the other side there is a unique and raw execution of the proceedings. The performances complementing the script is also a big asset to the film.

Manmarziyaan is one of the best and unusual works of Anurag Kashyap in a long time.

The only drawback is the film delves into deep layers in love which might not be able to be deciphered by everyone.

All in all, this love triangle is a treat to watch.

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