Manchu Manoj Strong Counter To TV5 Anchor

We all know that few days ago, TV5 News Presenter has called the Tollywood actresses as sluts and the controversy has scaled new heights. Even Pawan Kalyan has asked to boycott the particular channel for being disrespectful to the women in the industry.

Manchu Manoj TV5 Anchor
Manchu Manoj TV5 Anchor

It seems the channel didn’t learn any lesson from this issue and again another news presenter of the channel made objectionable comments during the show ‘Business Breakfast’.

He reacted to Chiranjeevi’s meet at Annapurna Studios by saying that they should do that and even called them as fake. He even shared that they are not real heroes and shouldn’t make the fans do some disrespectful things in the society.

Manchu Manoj on his social media account reacted as, ‘Is this Business Breakfast or Comedy Breakfast?? Nice & funny, well industry inka announce cheyaledhu ga, appude antha avesham odhu. Okkati Gudhutadu anta seriously? Nuvve gudhi nuvve padipothav Cool babai..End of the day we all r brothers. Love u! Go sleep time to bed’.

Sai Dharam Tej immediately responded as ‘Babai @HeroManoj let’s wish him a speedy recovery… get well soon sir’

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