Makers of Bruce Lee to release Chiru’s Teaser

Chiru Teaser of Bruce Lee
Chiru Teaser of Bruce Lee

Mega star Chiranjeevi is playing a special role in Ram Charan’s upcoming film Bruce Lee. Many thought that visuals of Chiru will be present in the theatrical trailer of the film but since he joined the shoot just few days before trailer launch date, it was not possible.

For those disappointed mega fans here comes the big news. Bruce Lee makers will release a teaser, which will have Chiranjeevi’s visuals. Although it will be just for few seconds, it will be enough for his fans to storm into theatres to watch the film.

Watch Chiru Teaser:

Chiru’s entry will come towards the climax, and he will be seen helping Charan by fighting with goons. Brace yourself mega fans as the big action is coming soon.

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