Once again fight between Rudhramadevi vs Bruce Lee

Seems like Rudhramadevi and Bruce Lee fight might come to an end so soon. Though both the films are out of theaters are preparing for T.V telecasting collections and calculations among fans didn’t end up. These two films that were released in the month of October locked horns with releasing only is week’s time.

These two films fight is quite different from many other films. Anushka Shetty, Rana, Allu Arjun starrer Rudhramadevi is directed and produced by Gunashekar and was made on a huge scale. It is said that an enormous 80CR were incurred in the filmmaking. After fighting hard with several postponements, Rudhramadevi was released on 9th of October, which was a week ahead from Ram Charan’s ‘Bruce Lee’ release.

Rudhramadevi Vs Bruce Lee
Rudhramadevi Vs Bruce Lee

Now, Rudhramadevi taking a lot for it’s making, few appealed to the producers of Bruce Lee to delay the film’s release so that Gunashekar could earn some money. Here there is a logic behind this that since Charan being a star he could collect huge money whenever his movie gets a release.

With Bruce Lee makers denying the requests, the film released on time and influenced Rudhramadevi collections.

Now, after all these days fans of Ram Charan started arguing with media that how can Bruce Lee be termed as a flop while Rudhramadevi an average when collections of Bruce Lee are higher then Rudhramadevi.

A per open source, Bruce Lee theatrical rights sold for 56 Crores and minted 41Cr that leaves with a 15Cr loss. Whereas, Rudhramdevi is sold for 75Cr and managed to collect only 50Cr, incurring a 25Cr loss.

If collections only matter then Rudhramadevi is a disaster compared with Bruce Lee, fans argue.

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