Madhavan to fight against Ram Charan

R.Madhavan, who is known for playing cool characters and settled acting, is rumored to fight Ram Charan in a Tamil remake movie.

Madhavan to fight Ram Charan
Madhavan to fight Ram Charan

Ram Charan completed “Bruce Lee the Fighter” and is waiting for its censor that will tomorrow. This movie is releasing on 16th of October. After this, Ram Charan has agreed to do the Telugu remake of Tamil Super Hit “Thani Oruvan.”

Surender Reddy will direct this film. For this remake, there were many names taken into consideration for the antagonist role as this role was well received, for its settle acting by Arvind Swamy in Tamil.

Nagarjuna, Rana were the priority by the director. But for some unknown reason they weren’t finalized to do this much talked about character.

The director even asked Arvind Swamy also to do the villain role n Telugu. Though Arvind Swamy was interested in doing so, his dates couldn’t be adjusted and so has to reject it.

Now the team has decided to try Madhavan and has approached him with this role. Madhavan is also a familiar actor here in Telugu. With no good offers in his hand and a negative role approaching him, Madhavan has not yet finalized anything.

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