Lakshmi’s NTR Appears for Censor Today

Maverick Ram Gopal Varma has been working hard to make an impressive mark with his film Lakshmi’s NTR now. If the buzz is believed to be true, the film is going to get censored today at any cost. Apparently,the censor board has scheduled the screening of the movie at 11 am today.

Lakshmis NTR Censor
Lakshmis NTR Censor

The buzz is that the censor will have to happen today as auditing happened on Censor Board last week. Without Doing censorship to Lakshmi’s NTR, the Censor Board is not allowed to view any other movies.

Hence, Ram Gopal Varma is confident that the censor screening will happen at any cost. The film unit is already busy with the promotions of the movie and have finalized 29th as the release date of the movie. More details will be out soon.

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