KRK Calls Rishi Kapoor Idiot

Kamaal R Khan, the favorite child of controversies, has dared to describe veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor as an idiot.

KRK and Rishi Kapoor
KRK and Rishi Kapoor

In response to Rishi Kapoor’s tweets that India’s assets should be named after people who contributed to the society instead of the Gandhi family, KRKopined a bar should be named after Rishi Kapoor as he continues to post rubbish after getting drunk.

KRK went on to say that Rishi Kapoor does nothing but get drunk in the late night and use Twitter to post garbage. He finally called Rishi Kapoor as an idiot for abusing great leaders like Indira Gandhi. He also reminds Kapoor that even Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Indira Gandhi on many occasions.

Rishi Kapoor, who doesn’t like to take criticism, is expected to rock back with his sense of humor.

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