Shah Rukh Khan warns his followers

Even before we forgot the Tweets Salman Khan posted about trolling in Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan does the same and asks his fans and followers to stop trolling and posting ridiculous comments.

Shah Rukh warns his fans
Shah Rukh warns his fans

It’s was not too long ago Salman Khan warned his fans to stop trolling other celebrities in a series of tweets. He further added that he will quit all social networking sites if any such incidents occur again. Salman Khan was asked again and again about his fight with Shah Rukh Khan and competition with him in films. Though both the actors have come over it, fans and netizens are trolling them over it.

This time, Shah Rukh Khan took up the responsibility of saying (warning) his followers to stop trolling him or any of his other colleagues. He said that you do or say your freedom on social media, but abusing someone’s freedom isn’t cool.

He further added that he is no one to teach such manners, but he deals with Idiot with sarcasm.

Earlier actors like Rishi Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor were also trolled on social media and stood against it.

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