Key Decisions in MAA Association Meeting

The new working committee of MAA association met yesterday in Hyderabad and made some important decisions for the 2019-2021 tenure. The president Naresh, General Secretary Jeevitha Rajasekhar and Vice-President Rajasekhar revealed the same to the media.

MAA President
MAA President

– The association has come up with a help-line number to hear out the problems of their members. 9502030405 is the number.

– The association hiked the pension by adding a thousand more. The reason behind this is that the association hopes that the hiked remuneration will be used for expenses regarding the health.

– The association revealed that they will make sure that the state government welfare schemes will be applied to MAA association members

– For all those who wish to join as a new person in the association will be given two options. Those who pay 25K will be given a Gold Card which will have an expiry date of 2 years. If the member pays the remaining 75 thousand in the two years, he will become a life-long member.

– The benefits of the association will not be applicable for the member until he pays the complete amount.

– The second option is giving a discount of 10K if the member pays 90K at once. This opportunity is going to be there for only 100 days.

– The members will be given SBI Bheema policy worth 3 lakh rupees

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