Kathi Mahesh Reacts On His Ban From Hyderabad

We already informed that Mahesh Kathi is undergoing a ban from entering the city of Hyderabad for six months from now. A lot of appreciation has come on the decision taken by the police officials in Hyderabad. At the same time, there is also a negative talk on it. Meanwhile, Mahesh Kathi opened up on the same and said that the state has over ruled the constitution.

Kathi Mahesh Ban Hyderabad
Kathi Mahesh Ban Hyderabad

“I am safe and reached a secured location. Unfortunately state has over ruled constitution. Both the judgement and punishment is delivered and implemented without deliberation or defence. Again an out caste is exiled. Once again it is proved that, all may be equal before law. But not before a feaudal state.” posted Mahesh Kathi on his Facebook profile.

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