Karthi’s Crucial Revelations about ‘Kashmora’

Actor Karthi, who will soon be seen in the high budget VFX thriller ‘Kahsmora’, has revealed a few interesting details about the film.


When the film was titled ‘Kashmora’, it was assumed to be a horror film but the theatrical trailer surprised everyone with its visual effects and period backdrop. Now, Karthi has said that ‘Kashmora’ doesn’t cater to one particular genre as it has the elements of fantasy, horror, thriller, periodical and comedy. He added that to cut down the serious theme of the film, makers included enough comedy in the film.

Karthi also said that he has played three roles in the film. The character of Kashmora will be crucial as his character revolves around black magic. He will also be seen Raj Nayak, a warrior king from an era gone 500 years ago. He however refused to divulge details about his third character.

‘Kashmora’ will release worldwide on October 28.

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