Kajal’s Shocking Comments on Anushka and Nayanathara

Tollywood beauty Kajal Aggarwal made sensational and shocking comments on heroines Anushka, Nayanatara and Shriya when she was asked about her marriage. Most of them knows that Kajal’s younger sister Nisha Aggarwal married recently with a mumbai based businessman, now media people focused on Kajal’s marriage. Earlier also we heard several rumors about Kajal’s Love Affair.

Kajal Shocking Comments on Anushka and Nayanatara

When media asked Kajal about her marriage, Kajal has answered that her elder sisters (Akkalu) Anushka, Nayanatara and Shriya are not yet married and they are busy with their films so why you are asking about my marriage. Kajal’s answer raised controversy and turned as hot topic in the film industry. Now the news is that why Kajal called them as elder sisters is she targeted on them or she indirectly telling that they are age bar actresses. What ever it may this turned quite interesting topic in the film industry.

When compared to age Anushka, Nayanatara and Shriya are elders than Kajal but Anushka is busy in Tollywood right now with handful of big projects. Kajal didn’t have any offers in Tollywood and she is busy with four movies in Tamil. Nayanatara is also busy in Kollywood than Tollywood. However, Shriya is struggling for the chances and she didn’t have much offers.

There were rumors that Kajal caught with her boy friend in London. So, Kajal will marry after the marriage of Anushka nd Nayanathara. Let’s wait and see what will happen!!

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