Kajal Agarwal’s stunning statement on remuneration!

As per the latest talk in the tinsel town, Kajal Agarwal is the heroine who is getting maximum remuneration in South India. Speaking on this, Kajal Agarwal stated that she never demanded remuneration from the film makers. She stated that the remuneration is decided by the market value and the producers are paying accordingly.

Kajal Agarwal in GAV

She further gave a stunning statement that she didn’t get the remuneration she demanded till date. She clarified that it is common to get 1 – 1.5 Crores remuneration in Tollywood. In this scenario, “How much would have Kajal demanded?” turned out to be an interesting topic.

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As Kollywood offers more remuneration compared to Tollywood, Kajal Agarwal is now moving more towards Kollywood flicks. It is known that Bollywood offers the best remuneration. Hence, Bollywood might be her next target. Stay tuned for more updates.

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