Kabir Singh Shows No Interest In Dear Comrade

It is a well-known fact that Bollywood’s top producer-director Karan Johar bought the remake rights of the film Dear Comrade. Karan took the decision right after watching the film in a special screening at his office, just two days before the release of the movie.

Shahid Kapoor Shows No interest in Dear Comrade
Shahid Kapoor Shows No interest in Dear Comrade

But things changed when the movie got released and received a divided talk from the audience. Finally, it ended up as a commercial failure and incurred losses to the producers. On the flip side, Karan already started looking out for a suitable hero for the film and he has approached Shahid Kapoor.

The Kabir Singh actor has apparently rejected Karan’s offer in a smooth way. We don’t know whether Shahid is not interested in doing another remake now or he is afraid that the film will bomb in the north as well but he said a no. Without having any other choice, Karan is now looking out for another actor.

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