Jawaan Trailer: Ilaantodu Okadunte Chaalu

Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej and gorgeous Mehreen Kaur Pirzada starrer Jawan trailer GV is out. Directed by BVS Ravi and produced by Krishna under Arunachal Creations, Jawaan appears to be a patriotic film with family emotions.

Jawaan Trailer
Jawaan Trailer

Sai Dharam Tej is shown as a simple guy who has supreme concern about his family. Jayaprakash’s dialogue, “Life Lo Manaku Edayina Miss Ayithe… Daanardham Manam Deniki Paniki Ramani Kadu … Manam Inka Deniko Panikosthamani…” is inspiring to youth.

The film’s main antagonist Prasanna is introduced as an anti-social element who is wishing to grab a powerful weapon Octopus Missile System, pride of Indian army.

The dialogue “Deshaniki Mana Avasaram Paddappudu… Naadi Nenu Anna Padaalu Pakkana Petti Dukeyyali,” uttered by Kota Srinivasa Rao motivates SDT to take up a great mission to save Octopus from terrorists’ batch.

Thus, Prasanna targets SDT’s family to get Octopus from him. The only dialogue mouthed by Tej in the trailer, “Yudham Modalayyaka Pakkodu Poayada… Venakodu Aagipoyaadaa… Mundodu KooliPoyaadaa Kaaduraa… Yudham Gelichamaa Ledaa Annade Mukhyam…” is imposing.

SDT is in a position to save either his family or the nation! In the last frames where Tej takes on Prasanna in a gas cylinder godown shows he’s ready to sacrifice his life for family and country.

Overall, Jawaan trailer is captivating with impending content. We get a feeling that, Ilantodu Deshaniki Okadunte Chaalu. Director BVS Ravi has got extreme support from all the technicians.

Meanwhile, Jawaan is all set to hit the screens on December 1st.

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