Issue Settled – Mahesh Kathi vs PK Fans

Film Critic Mahesh Kathi filed a complaint with the cops that he was attacked by a group of people with eggs. Mahesh has withdrawn his case last night and has come for a compromise with the fans of Pawan Kalyan regarding the ongoing issues for the last four months.

Kathi Mahesh vs PK Fans
Kathi Mahesh vs PK Fans

Pawan Kalyan fans Nani, Satish, Kalyan Sunkara and a few others have come forward for a TV channel debate and have come for a compromise regarding the unnecessary happenings. Mahesh Kathi too tweeted about it.

“I am not for punishing poor, ameture and dorectionless PK fans who attacked.PK and Janasena came up with directives now. One is a misguided Dalit.I have a moral responsibility to reform them rather than punish.Condemning attack on me and apologising is left to PK’s consciousness.” tweeted Mahesh Kathi.

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