Is over smoking spoiling Shruti’s voice?

Shruti Hassan is not only an actress but also a singer and musician. She must keep her voice well to perform to more energetic numbers. But we hear that her voice is getting spoiled due to over smoking habit.

Shruti Hassan Smoking Habit
Shruti Hassan Smoking Habit

As per inside sources, Shruti is an avid smoker who keeps on puffing cigarettes on the shooting locations of her films as well. The other day, when she gave interviews to TV channels to promote her upcoming film ‘Srimanthudu’, everyone really wondered because her voice was looking too husky. Many believe that heavy smoking is actually spoiling the sweet voice of Shruti. Those in the cinema field are wondering about what is happening to her voice.

She is known to be a true professional actress and has many admirers so if she keeps this habit in control, she will go places.

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