Housefull 3 Review – It’s all about forwarded jokes

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Farhas-Sajid the duo writers are the favorites for entertainment oriented films that come from the houses of Dhawans, Nadiadwala and Rohit Shetty. Many hits of theirs were backed by this duo’s one-linners and wits. However they debuted as directors for “Entertainment” which went totally unnoticed and out rightly rejected. Housefull 3 is their second directorial film. Talking about the Housefull series, the first part was mediocre with some nice locales and songs. Housefull 2 was however much better in terms of the humour. What about Housefull 3, has it climbed the ladder further up? Unfortunately no, the third installment turned out be worse than the first one.

Batook Patel is a wealthy man with three ‘sanskaari’ daughters Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati played by Jacqueline Fernandes, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakri. The three leads, Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachan and Ritesh Deshmukh make all their efforts to impress and convince Batook Patel for his daughters.

A still from Housefull3
A still from Housefull3

With movies which fall completely in comedy genre can take liberty in terms of logic, but should deliver enjoyable humour so that one won’t feel cheated for keeping the brains at stake. For comedy, Farhad and Sajid seemed to be relied completely on one-liners which are mostly a rip off from the whatsapp and Facebook jokes that get circulated each and every day. There are only a few handful scenes where it induces laugh. Undoubtedly majority of that credit goes to the all-rounder Akshay Kumar. He entertained us in Housefull-2 with his Ranit Style ’Aaah’ . In this film also he has some unique mannerisms which tickle us. Akshay’s grip on humour is intact from ages and can get only better. After watching his serious side in his previous films, Akshay is back in an entertainer to prove his comedy timing still rocks. Ritesh was good as usual. Abhishek was OK. His potential was not tapped properly in the film, unlike Happy New Year where he was a great source of entertainment.
Nevertheless, good that he has replaced Joh Abraham Boman Irani was also Ok.

The leading ladies, as expected had hardly to do anything except for delivering as much oomph and style as possible. Jacqueline was the best of the three. Some songs in the film are foot-tapping like ‘Taang uthaa ke’ and ‘Pyaar Ki’.

Farhad and Sajid have proved that they are better off as writers than directors. Some movies they have written had some wittiest scenes. Housefull 3 lacked that totally. If Akshay was not there, then the film is just as good as a nightmare for the viewer. Wish Sajid had directed this and written by Farhad Sajid.
The Housefull series shall stop here, as we can easily predict that its can only get worse now.

All in All, if Houseful 3 is bearable, then the only reason can be Akshay Kumar.

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