Hema Speaks On Chalapathi Rao’s issue

Character artist Hema who entertains all with her comedy timing in the movies is a completely opposite person in real life. She never sits calmly if anyone says controversial things about women, especially in Tollywood.


Taking the lead from many celebrities who responded and shared their view on Chalapathi Rao’s disrespectful comments regarding ladies, Hema shortlisted her demands for Chalapathi Rao. Hema sharply declared that Chalapathi Rao’s comments are indeed very hurtful to women and it’s obvious that someone booked a case on him. But the same Hema has given a certificate to Chalapathi Rao that he normally will not respond to women like that and never before. This senior artist demanded an unconditional apology to get the case canceled on him as soon as possible.

Hema has asked the web and internet media to take care while they are writing about women as some are writing bad rumors about women in the industry just for the money.

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