Hema’s Hungama at TV 9 Office!

Hema Hungama at TV 9 OfficeMAA elections raised the heat in Telugu film industry and TFI divided into two groups one is Jayasudha Panel and other one is Rajendra Prasad panel. Now the elections also over and waiting for the results. Today will announce the winner. Before elections two groups abused personally also, Hema made some allegations on Nagababu, who supported Rajendra Prasad.

Recently actor Shivaji Raja made some comments on actress Hema and he described Hema as “Thuppu Pattina Asthram” in a TV 9 interview. After that Hema rushed to TV 9 office and want to join the show but Rajendra Prasad and Shivaji Raja rejected to join with her. Hema did some hungama at TV 9 office and she blocked Rajendra Prasad’s car and asked to do the justice for her. Rajendra Prasad made it clear he has nothing to do with the comments made by Shivaji Raja. After that also she forced to stop Rajendra Prasad’s car but finally with lot of struggle he escaped from the scene.

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