He Knows Kattappa Mystery 5 Years ago itself

Since the release of ‘Baahubali’ first part, movie lovers have been wondering why Kattappa killed Baahubali?

The film’s director Rajamopuli and all the principal actors were cornered in several interviews to answer this question, but none has yet revealed this mystery. Recently, Tamannah said that no one except Rajamouli knows about it. However, macho actor Rana Daggunati, who is playing ‘Bhallala Deva’ in the epic film, has now revealed that he knew the answer five years ago itself.

Rana Baahubali 2
Rana Baahubali 2

During his interview to a leading national daily, Rana said, ‘Rajamouli narrated the story of both parts to him five years ago itself. I think everyone in the sets, right from actors to technicians, knows this but no one is speaking out as they have strict instructions from makers not to divulge it’.

Rana added that he couldn’t explain the grandeur of part 2 in words and audiences must watch it in theaters to get blown away.

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