Get Ready For Deepika Padukone’s Six-Pack

Deepika Padukone has a hot body. Sure, she has an athletic frame, but she has worked hard to achieve a shapely figure. She rarely misses a day at the gym. She is a role model to a lot of teenage girls. Now she is struggling a lot for six pack body, and this preparation is not for Indian cinema but for a Hollywood movie sake.

Deepika Six Pack
Deepika Six Pack

Bollywood folks are saying that “after going to Hollywood, Deepika started to think like them where heroines work out for six packs and do fight’s equally like a hero in Hollywood. By seeing them, Deepika decided to become one like them and started working hard at the gym.

Many people also expressed their doubt that “will slim beauty Deepika look as beauty as she is now when she gets a six pack?”. If she mesmerizes with her Six pack body, then it would be a record for her to be the first heroine with six pack.

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