Fight: Vijay Fans vs Ajith Fans

Vijay Fans vs Ajith Fans
Vijay Fans vs Ajith Fans

The social media war between the fans of Ajith and Vijay keeps surfacing whenever an update of their new film comes out.

When Ajith’s ‘Yennai Arindhal’ teaser received record hits in Youtube, Ajith fans were ecstatic. When Vijay’s ‘Puli’ achieved 75 lakh hits and created Youtube records, then Vijay fans trended the some hashtags in Twitter to degrade Ajith fans.

Few days back, when Ajith’s Vedhalam teaser was released, the promo managed to get more than 10 lakh hits in just 24 hours time and emerged as the number one in India. To counter this success of Ajith fans, Vijay fans have deliberately gave 35,000 dislikes to the promo.

Fans wars in social media have become common these days but involving in activities like spreading negativity about the films of other stars is not healthy for the industry.

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