Fever vs Fear for Baahubali!

Tollywood and Prabhas fans are in full fever of Baahubali and the Benefit show tickets cost also raising the high fever in the audience. But the movie makers are bit tensed and fearing for Baahubali because expectations are more on this film among the audience.

Baahubali Cast and Crew
Baahubali Cast and Crew

Bookings already opened for the Baahubali movie tickets in Hyderabad. The movie is releasing in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi languages on July 10th. Have a look at Baahubali movie tickets.

Reasons for Fear of Baahubali:

Movie Team is bit tensed about Baahubali because expectation are more on this film. So, is this movie will reach the audience expectations or not!

The movie made with a high budget.

Makers have taken almost Three years to make this film.

Prabhas fans also eagar to see their favourite hero on screen after a long time.

Already Prabhas Fans are angry on Rajamouli for making them to wait for 2 years for Prabhas movie.

Have a look at this video and you will know the Rajamouli’s Tension:

So, on whole fever in audience and fear in movie team about Baahubali!!

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